Throw Down Your Arms CD/DVD live

DISCOGRAPH presents:

THROW DOWN YOUR ARMS - Harrison "Professor" Stafford's New Album

Out on October 9th 2012


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Harrison "Professor" Stafford is back with a new live side project, 'THROW DOWN YOUR ARMS.' A well worked reggae/roots sound, with a universal message of peace to communicate, and exceptional musicians to back; Harrison Stafford always so persuasive!

CD/DVD live recording from Reggae Sun Ska Festival 2011

In 2011 Harrison "Professor" Stafford Groundation's vocal and spiritual leader released 'Madness' his first side project. This very personal album is the result of meetings and discussions he had during his travel in Israel and Palestine. He's telling us: "The idea to record this album came from a decisive discussion I had in Ramallah with an Arabic poet. He told me that he knew reggae music and mentioned Bob Marley particularly. I was surprised to hear that he didn't like reggae music because of the negative message it conveyed; I was stunned! I never heard somebody associate Marley's music to something different than positive vibrations and a positive message. The poet told me: "let me ask you something: why reggae music so Zionist in its message?" Wahou, everything became clear."

So Harrison Stafford wanted to prove that reggae can and should talk to everybody and that it's an universal language which cross borders and conflicts. He's doing it again splendidly through this new project 'Throw Down Your Arms' which is offering some revisited live versions of his first album, 'Madness.' An improvised captured moment... You will discover some new pearls too like "Rockfort Rock", this instrumental introduction sublimated by Eric "Rico" Gaultier (saxophone and flute) and Thomas Henning's (trombone) brasses and the song "Throw Down Your Arms" where we can listen Lloyd "Obeah" Denton (keys) and Dalton Browne's (guitar) singing. What needs to be mentioned in the presentation of this live recording is mister Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace on drums! They are exceptional musicians who are backing the "Professor's" soaring, poignant voice; masters of reggae roots who are engaged in a significant and positive project.

Thanks to a fastidious and liberated music 'Throw Down Your Arms' invites us to reflect and gives us tools for a better future; We hope that this sound will allow us to overcome the sad world's realities.

Harrison "Professor" Stafford will be in exceptionnal concert in Le Divan du Monde - Paris (France)
on October 2nd 2012!
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